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Welcome to Epoweredhome.com! Where the “E” stands for Environmentally powered. There are different and more affordable means to supply your energy needs than to pay and keep paying the utility companies every month. We know that nature can fulfill our energy needs for free. Nature can supply us with clean and non-hazardous energy sources. The use of fossil fuel is destroying our earth now and for our children’s children generations. The carbon footprint we are leaving is irrevocable! This website believes our children deserve a better future! Here at epoweredhome.com we carry the very best and trustworthy equipment to harness these resources for FREE! True there is the initial cost of the equipment but after it pays for itself say goodbye to your high monthly utility bills! It’s time to stop polluting our earth and needlessly spending our money. We can help you SAVE money and LOWER your energy bills. So come on let’s start LIVING IN THE GREEN!


Solar Inverters

 photovoltaic solar panels

wind turbine energy

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The best way we can stop this downward spiral we are on is to start using renewable energy sources. Considering energy cost are becoming more and more expensive each year and we the end consumer ALWAYS pay for the rising cost that means there is no way for you or anyone to escape. Can you afford to keep paying the rising cost year after year?  There are fortunately many means of harnessing energy, which have less damaging impacts on our environment and wallets. Here at epoweredhome.com we offer some ways to harness alternative renewable energy sources. Solar panels for the home and a wind kit are two of the ways to start saving instead of paying. These methods of saving also offer tax benefits for us as consumers to save even more. This is a WIN, WIN situation, so lets start LIVING IN THE GREEN!

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